Special Correspondents



So "shout something in Spanish" to the Hipster Hispanic means he just shouts football teams and popstars. Cutting edge.

How long is it going to be until Bana finds out that he shagged Brent's wife? I'm going to say within 10 minutes.

Thin Rafa seems to be enjoying their work. Brent seems to like the woman from the radio station. Who he can see from across the street.

These Bana reports are the most succinct pieces since the days of David Frost. I've no idea how he got a job in radio.

Like most American films involving a foreign issue...the White House is involved. Female president too by the looks of it. Mystic Ricky.

Bana and Brent in bed like the good ol' days of Morecambe and Wise. Eric and Ernie would be hating this, I guess.

Is just ripping a SIM card enough to destroy it? Not sure. Never tried it.

FINALLY we hear from Mrs Brent...who's taken to the wine. This must be a right pickle for her.

Man alive...Brent's wife is a real horror. No idea what he saw in her. Bar the Kristen Wiig look-a-like.

And now Brent and Bana are faking a hostage. In full Orange is the New Black get-up.