Special Correspondents



Dear Bana, Why don't you do the piece to camera if you are so good at this?

I do how Ricky think that a hat, sunglasses and summer shirt counts as a "disguise".

Surprised that Bana has still not found out about Brent's wife...oh, wait....now he has. Awkward.com

Ahhhhh so she is a washed up singer...and this is her chance to "get into the industry". Got ya.

Didn't she know there's an "America's Got Talent" show?

This story seems to be getting crazier by the minute. The lie grows. The truth will come out in, around, 12 minutes I think.

This should either have been a comedy led drama, or a drama led comedy. It's failing to be either right now.

Is Eleanor Finch the most annoying character ever to grace Netflix? Quite possibly. Ghastly.

For a film with a pretty strong premise, it's just failing to either entertain or engage me right now. Quite disappointing.

This is going to go well...Bana and Brent having a raid of the safe to get the money to go to Ecuador illegally. Yip...she's awake.