Special Correspondents



This now has the feel of a film that they didn't know how to finish so just made it up as they went along. A shambles in other words.

Aren't the borders meant to be shut in Ecuador too? How are they going to get through? Money?! Really?! Not buying it.

So the fake hostages of Ecuador...are now being taken hostage. In Ecuador. Who would have thunk it?

Here comes the big Bana revelation...eventually. Brent takes it well. Not.

So now that they are REALLY held hostage, they've got to ask for $200,000 to release them. This is a drag.

Only positive with this story now is I have literally no idea how this finishes. Probably because the writers at this point didn't either.

Brent is now full to the brim on cocaine. Bana has managed to steal the bandit's gun. No idea at all.

And having his lived his whole life as the underdog, Brent now has a better shot that Bond. Video games, eh!

They have indeed made it to the US embassy. And on their way home. Tears to my eyes.

Must say, for national heroes, there's not many people on the runway to see them home. 80 max?