#100MomentsIn100Days: Carl Lewis' 4 Golds In Los Angeles



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In the end he achieved what he set out to, and it was huge, but I think the legend status remains with Jesse Owens. Because Hitler.

Loved? Not sure, too manufactured, too much doubt (but these were the times).

An all-time great? Maybe.

Carl Lewis a champion? Absolutely!

...an achievement matched only by Finland’s Paavo Nurmi, a true great, in the 1920s. Usain Bolt has 6 golds, shame he doesn't jump.

Add in another gold in the 4 x 100m for Lewis at Barcelona and that took his total athletics golds to 9...

Smith, however, is the only runner in that race not to have tested positive at some point in his career. Truly the dirtiest race ever.

He also won the 100m in Seoul, after Ben Johnson’s extraordinary disqualification. GB’s Linford Christie was 2nd and Calvin Smith 3rd

Carl Lewis went on to win the long jump in Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta. Surely the greatest, although he never got that world record.