#100MomentsIn100Days: Carl Lewis' 4 Golds In Los Angeles



Carl doesn't give them what they want, he has what he wants... Gold #2, and his mind moves on to the 200m

Carl's 1st jump. Notice the little smile at the end of this clip? He knew then the job was done. (no sound)

The Olympic record for 200m is held by Tommie Smith, from the Mexico games. Yes, that Tommie Smith.

The Italian Pietro Mennea is the reigning champ, and holds the World Record: 19.72s...

He’ll surely be a threat to Lewis, although it’s fellow American Baptiste that’s closest in the preliminary rounds.

In the final, Lewis is again in lane 7 so an open bend for him. He gets a decent start and is never threatened & runs a 19.79 to win easily.

Kirk Baptiste finishes fast and is 2nd in 19.96...

...with Thomas Jefferson making it a US clean sweep with 3rd in 20.26. Not bad for someone born in 1743.

So 3 down, one to go and immortality awaits for Carl Lewis (although Thomas Jefferson seems to have a head start on that one).

And finally, here we are live with the final of the 4 x 100m men’s relay. Again, it’s the Americans' to lose.