The Thursday Papers (5th May 2016)



Hello and welcome to the Thursday Paper review. Surely lots to cover eh? @mdannell wading through the guff for you

Independent Digital up first. Cheating really having a digital edition.

A classic Good news/Bad news combo. Evil foster mother (panto season?) jailed for 18 years. IVF breakthrough though. Yay for science!

FT have gone all International politics. I want to hear how much a Trump win will tank the stock market please!

Also Virgin Media owner Liberty Global planning huge donation to "Stay In the EU" campaign. I like them now.

Metro next. This is quite sensational.

Some kind of love triangle. Fisticuffs at a BBQ. Aren't there always fisticuffs at a British BBQ?

International New York times are a day late. Must have gone to print early last night, declare the path free for Trumpo.

Also American Pharoah is "winning" just as much as a stud as he did on the track. Are there Human versions of Studs? Asking for a friend....

The New Day (but not for much longer, it'll be quietly swept under the rug come Friday)