Players Championship



Testing Testing! @shippo4179 here reporting for coverage of Tonights Tungsten Tossing Tussles!

If only I was this early when it came to my schooldays how life may have turned out differently!

So here in Enfield North London it's cold and rainy, a perfect night for watching the arrers.

Make sure you say hello and all predictions and opinions are welcome

Sadly i missed this afternoons games due to poxy work,thankfully coverage from @Mikey_Titcombe was superb

Plenty of 'shocks' of sorts today, Gurney over Huybrechts, Van De Pas over Bunting perhaps the standouts?

Though the standard is so high its hard to call any of the results total shocks..

And here come the players for Game 1, Joe Murnan onto the stage with abit of Cotton Eyed Joe

Chizzy Chisnall strolls down the aisle now, would expect him to do the job here

Don't know too much about Murnan, got to the Matchplay 1st round this year, and has won a players championship this year