Players Championship



Awww Beaton left Bull, not quite, Wright 80 for the match, there it goes..Beaton got going too late WRIGHT 6-2 BEATON RESULT

Beaton just a little slow out of the blocks, both averaged 92, not often you get a chance like that against Snakebite

18% doubles for The Adonis.....shame

Tomorrows games on paper are interesting but favourite backers should be in business in my opinion

How will Michael Smith handle Suljovic? Can Aidy Lewis see off the dangerous Alan Norris?

Wright v Whitlock could be interesting IF Whitlock can find his form again

Time for @shippo4179 to sign out, time to catch a little bit of my favourite @thewhitmore on ITV2+1 #legs #guiltypleasure

I hope you've enjoyed the coverage, thanks for your tweets, and hopefully i will be back in the hotseat soon

Must let @ByTheMinSport know i'm off work for nearly the whole of the World Champs, and i'm not a big fan of Christmas!!

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