Players Championship



Wade neat and tidy to leave 80, Webster looking at 170, not this time, leaves 93

OOOOH needed the bull did Wade, not quite...Webster punishes on D18, its a break WADE 5-2 WEBSTER

Leg 8 starts slowly, first big score puts someone in charge, all Dog n Duck Darts so far, no trebles in 12 darts

Webster slightly in front, what can he leave...151, Wade looks to catch up, leaves 142

Webster needs to make a big hole in it, doesn't, leaves 96, Wade on 82

So 96 for Webby, Nope..leaves tops..Wade a shot at bull for the match..NOPE

Webster finds D10, creeping back into it here WADE 5-3 WEBSTER

Wade has the throw to get the job done in Leg 9, as ever just keeping it steady

Only a maximum helps Webster, definitely not 58, Wade leaves 102, Webby miles back on 230

102 Cleaned up by The Machine, a nice finish to a scrappy encounter WADE 6-3 WEBSTER RESULT