#100MomentsIn100Days: Nicola Adams Historic Gold



Welcome to London for the 2012 Womens Flyweight Boxing final, where Nicola Adams bids to become the first women to win Boxing Olympic gold!

One woman stands in her way though, Ren Cancan of China! Im Nathan Waywell and I will guide you through todays final. It should be great!

The intros are done, the gumshields are in. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! The bell sounds and round one is off!

The first round is a cagey one. Not a lot of punches thrown, Adams through a few more than Cancan and I reckon she took that round just.

After the first lot of coaches pep talks, round 2 is off! Adams comes out hard and has briefly got Cancan in all sorts of trouble!

But Cancan fights back as the crowd chants "Nicola!". CANCAN IS DOWN! A HARD LEFT HOOK SENDS CANCAN TO THE GROUND! She gets back up though.

And round two is in the books. If Adams didn't take the first one for GB, she certainly took that one!

Not much happened in that round. I reckon Adams may have had that. Its not my decision though its in the hands of the judges currently!

I have just seen the score cards and its 3-0 to Adams! Cancan will need a stoppage in this final round if she is to win!

Here we go, round four is off!