#100MomentsIn100Days: Birgit Fischer's 8th Olympic Gold



Tally ho. You join me on the banks of the Helliniko Olympic Complex here in Athens where we could witness some Olympic history.

It comes in the form of German kayaker (it IS a word...deal with it!) Birgit Fischer. She's going for an eighth, yes EIGHTH gold medal!

She is a quite remarkable Olympic athlete. First goal medal in 1980...now 24 years later, she aims for gold no.8.

Here's her Olympic tally to date... 1980 - GOLD 1988 - GOLD, GOLD, silver 1992 - GOLD, silver 1996 - GOLD, silver 2000 - GOLD, GOLD

Today she's in the catch K-4 500m race...basically 4 ladies in a boat, powering their way upstream for a minute and a half.

The heats took place four days ago (of course...you followed it here, right?!) If you can't remember what happened...

The women are making their way to the start line now...all eyes on Birgit...can she win her 8th gold at the age of 42? I'd love her to.

Here we go...GO ON BIRGIT!!! Make history.

It's a good start from Hungary...Ukraine and Poland on their tails...Germany in with a good shout too...

It's a four boat race right now...Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland...one of these will claim gold surely...