#100MomentsIn100Days: Liu Xiang Crashes Out Of London 2012



Hello one and all! @GoonerMV here, and this is the London 2012 Olympics. 110m hurdles anyone? Go on then.

Heats first up.. and I say let's skip the first 5 heats and move onto the final one. No particular reason. Just feel this will be good.

So... the runners and riders. 9 in this heat.... top 3 will be through to the semi final.

LANE 1: Moussa Dembele. I predict he'll give up with hurdles, and move onto eye gouging as a hobby. Just a hunch.

LANE 2: Shane Brathwaite. I imagine he'll change his first name, and become a cricketer. And break English hearts. *runs off crying*

LANE 3: Balazs Baji. Silver last year in the U23 Championships. One to look out for. Albeit quickly.... they run pretty fast.

LANE 4: Liu Xiang. The man has won everything. 2004 champion in Athens, injured for 2008. Sure he's over any injury problems now.

LANE 5: Artur Noga. Yet to really show his potential.* *With 4 years hindsight, this still stands. He's done nothing.

LANE 6: Jackson Quiñónez. Yes, I can do accents like the very best of them. He's 31. That's pretty old. MOVE ON.

LANE 7: ANDY TURNER!!!! COME ON GB!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Bronze last year in the Worlds. Gold in the Europeans. Let's go!