#100MomentsIn100Days: Liu Xiang Crashes Out Of London 2012



BUT HOLD UP..... HE'S BACK!!! LIU XIANG YOU ABSOLUTE MAVERICK. Injured? Who cares. He's back.... albeit with the use of one leg.

And he's hopping along the side of the track.... he wants to make it to the end. Legend. Brilliant stuff. Record for 110m on one leg?

Whole crowd is cheering him on to make it to the end... GO ON LIU XIANG!! Wonderful to see this. Truly inspirational.

He's back on the track!! He's not going to jump it is he? No. Gives the final hurdle a little hug and kiss, and he's on his way.

AND HE MAKES IT TO THE FINISH LINE!! Heroic from Liu Xiang. PS. I make his hopping time 32 seconds. Including kissing break.

Fellow hurdlers have waited for him at the finish line... clapping him over, and then carry him off the track. Lovely to see.

And that concludes a rather dramatic heat!! One that will go down as one of the Top 100 Olympic Moments. Perhaps. Who knows.

Before I continue... SPOILER ALERT, for those who haven't caught up with the 2012 Olympics yet. Turner didn't make the final. Nope.

Aries Merritt won the 110m hurdles final... time of 12.92. Rapid. Jason Richardson completed a US 1-2, Hansle Parchment took third.

And that's that I guess! I've been @GoonerMV.... and today belongs to Liu Xiang. Hero. See you in Rio in 4 years.