The Tuesday Papers (10th May 2016)



Evening all. Sorry, a bit later than usual tonight but lots to tell you! @mdannell here with Tuesdays headlines.

International New York Times with the honour today. It is such a classic broadsheet. They lead with a story on the BBC

Financial Times next. Both Osborne and Cameron have been on the #Remain campaign trail today. One time in my life I agree with the muppets

Independent Digital should be first every day since they don't have to print. I purchased the Indy every day at Uni. Lefty Pinko scum me.

Anyway they lead with a big spread on Nazanin Ratcliffe who has been imprisoned in Iran while visiting family. Terrible story.

Noted Clown Boris Johnson has waded into politics. Apparently it is the EU's fault there is war in the Ukraine. Thank "The i" for that tag..

I wonder what way he will find to worm his way back when Britain has voted to remain.. Someone needs to end him.. surely he did a Pig too?

Lots of tardy editors today. Despicable. Some people have to be at work early tomorrow

The National, Mirror, Sun, Express, Mail, Times, Telegraph and Guardian all still to come

Ah here is the Telegraph. They like Boris, he gets a nice front page spread to follow Michael f****** Gove last week. #BrexitBastards