Uncharted 4 LIVE!



Evening all, @Ugster1 with you to bring you the first look at Uncharted 4 from an average user's perspective. And I'm a very average user.

So, this won't be a full review - the idea is to give a feel of the game, a first impression.

Plan is that the game is available at midnight and I'll have a go for an hour or so and keep you updated as I go along.

Not sure how playing and reporting will go, but we'll suck it and see!

Won't try any multiplayer tonight - not even sure if that'll be working - so will stick to the campaign. Will try and throw in screenshots.

Reviews I've read so far have been positive, although do suggest it's 'more of the same' - no bad thing, necessarily.

The subtitle is 'A Thief's End' - I'm assuming this'll be Drake's last outing, but you never know...

The series has always been big on set pieces - train wreck anyone? - so interested to see if it starts with a bang.

US pre orders alone are at somewhere around the 650,000 figure, so it's easily the biggest game of the year so far.

Been looking forward to this myself for a while - Uncharted 2 was the first of the series I played, and I was hooked immediately!