Brexit The Movie



Well, that went well. Don't bother watching.

And in the end, not a single mention of immigration. LOL.

Well if Kelvin MacKenzie is telling me to vote leave, I think I know where my vote is going on June 23rd.

You laughed at us when we said that two years ago. So hypocritical.

As a yes voter in Scotland it winds me up when the out side say "we need to take back the chance to govern ourselves".

This might just about be the best argument of the whole movie. Just. Trade deals are a bit of an irrelevance in 2016.

Onto trade deals now. Thankfully we're into the last 10 minutes now. I don't think immigration is going to feature...

50,000 signatures in Switzerland = a referendum. 100,000 signatures in UK = might get debated in parliament. Maybe.

Ahhh...the people in Switzerland decide things not the Prime Minister. Unlike here nothing will change if we leave or not.

So the ONLY reason Switzerland is successful is because they're not in the EU. Right...