Brexit The Movie



Morning. Last night saw the "premiere" of a film all about Brexit. Honestly. Today, I'm going to sit through it just for you.

What am I expecting? An absolute wreckage of 70 minutes. It'll either be the best thing I've seen in ages (for all the wrong reasons...)

Or it'll be the worst thing I've seen in ages (and I'm including Special Correspondents in that!) So's BREXIT...THE MOVIE!

We begin with overhead shots of middle England. And the scaremongering voiceover starts from the off!

"This is the most important vote of all time." It's really not. It's to keep the Tory back benchers on Cameron's side.

Some pure Geordie voice cuuuums ooaaaannn ma screeeeen ti telllll wi abouuut the EEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUU.

It's absolutely full of upper class voices this. Bar the Geordie fisherman. Tory tosh from the off.

"We're about to choose how we live our lives" Said with no irony what-so-ever.

Men in suits with handkerchiefs in pockets everywhere. Why did I put myself through this again?!

Some mess of an explanation about "democracy" that aimed to be Horrible Histories. Now we're about to find out how the EU works. Super.