Brexit The Movie



Oh FFS...Kelvin MacKenzie is on my screen. What a brilliant way to get my to vote in. Tremendous.

He really is one of the most stupid men in England. If not Europe itself. Talks absolute bollocks all the time.

I'm not entirely sure how "showing people photos on a card" is a way to convince people to vote no.

A lot of people in the street wouldn't know the name of their own MP if shown their photo.

Some Tory toff telling me "if I pay my taxes I want to know how they are being spent". No wonder political satire is dead in 2016.

This is like one of those 9/11 conspiracy videos. Half expecting to see Michael Moore any moment.

Kate Hoey criticising people who leave mainstream UK politics and get an job in the EU. She'll be off there soon no doubt.

"The EU gives vast amounts of OUR money to universities, art projects, community groups" Is that meant to be a poor thing?!

We're in Newcastle to speak with that GEORDIE FISHERMAN again. Hopefully at least.

We're at a fish auction. I had no idea this was a thing. There's 12 people there. It's hardly Bargain Hunt.