Brexit The Movie



GEORDIE FISHERMAN returns. Used to be 12,000 boxes of fish a day. Now 200. Struggle to see how that's the EU fault. VOTE NO TO FISH!

Has anyone asked the fish how they feel? Have they?! No. Didn't think so. SAVAGES!

Guess how the GEORDIE FISHERMAN is voting? He's out. I'm stunned.

Bloody hell...Michael Howard is next. MacKenzie, Howard and Farage. That'll sway the undecided...

Now trying to say how World War I is the catalyst for everything going wrong for Britain. Let's head back to the Empire days lads.

This particular line of argument has lost me. Blaming the post war effects...when there wasn't an EU?! Beyond me.

And now Germany. Instead of praising it's recovery from rubble to revitalisation, it's criticises it. Utter tosh.

Not a single fact check on any of this either. Merely opinions. Always a way to win an argument...

STEREOTYPES KLAXON "Europe meant sun and wine and pasta" It's laughable.

Dear doc makers, Didn't the UK VOTE DEMOCRATICALLY to enter the common market? You failed to mention that.