Brexit The Movie



Some argument about haircuts and vacuum cleaners. Fail to see how any of that is worthwhile to the question.

Plenty of numbers about EU rules on everyday items. None about how many the UK has. At least compare and contrast.

This number thing has gone on for a good two minutes. They must have run out of content.

Ahhhhh...and now it's the pesky Asian's fault for our lack of productivity. What next? Blame it on America? Russia?

STEREOTYPE KLAXON Stick a Frenchman in a beret, stripey top and have onions around his neck. Made by idiots, for idiots.

EU regulations add 10-20% to the price of food. No facts to back that up. Just David Davis' mouth.

And now the sugar industry are next up to give the EU a kicking. The same industry about to be taxed by the UK government...

I'm still waiting on the immigration chapter. Please say they've got one.

John Redwood the next "superstar" guest of this movie. No Boris yet. He's above this no doubt.

Dougie Carswell makes his first appearance. For about 6 seconds. A Vine cameo you could say.