The Saturday Papers (14th May 2016)



Well this is a rare treat, front pages appearing by 9.30pm? Anyone would think there is a party going on somewhere!

@mdannell here with the Saturday papers. Tipping strong showing's for John Major and parents being able to take kids on term time hols!

Straight in with the Times. I'll admit I cheated a bit but had heard the story before!

The i Weekend follow suit

And the Daily Mail are the final early bird. They predict Chaos. As you do

After last weeks surprising Mail headlines its back to doom and gloom. Parents trying to take advantage, holiday companies hiking prices..

Hmm the Mirror going with it too.... well this is jolly boring!

Who is going to be the first to buck the trend? Or will it be a clean sweep? I reckon the Guardian..

Guardian Sport is in. Blatantly Gooner fans. Bastards.

Mirror Sport kick off the Defoe for England campaign. IT. IS. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Sorry Jermaine.