Eurovision Song Contest 2016



Welcome to ByTheMins Eurovision 2016 We're coming live from the UK, Germany & Ireland. I'm @LadyTHawthorne in the real Capitol - Cork Ire

David Saunders

Ooh matron...

This is how we do Eurovision in Ireland

Hiya! Mark Dannell here from Germany. I will be the drunk rude one for the first part of the night. The drunker, ruder one later

just give me a few minutes T to neck the first two or three of these and I'll be with you

I'm doing this sober - without a doubt the fist time in 21 years! [beside the 2 pregnancy Eurovisions] TH

MD- An admirable trick that. I have "Chapeau'd" you. We hope for plenty of interaction tonight, drunk or otherwise

No I am not pregnant ... The cat is poorly and someone in the house has to keep a level head.... TH

MD- Do you mean to suggest that your good husband is incapable of such things? Well I never?!?!

MD- Anyways give me a crash course on the acts please Tori, I admit to knowing absolutely bugger all about any of them!

TH - Level head no - impregnation - well yes! I'm soooo dead...... Erm, there was homework, all I know is Nicky Byrne shld have got in