#100MomentsIn100Days: Zola Budd's Rise and Fall 1984



Morning everyone. Steph here, bleary eyed as my dad woke me when he came in from his night shift at the factory.

It's 4am here on 12th August 1984 but in Los Angeles its still the evening of the 11th. I crept past my baby brother in my A Team pyjamas...

...and have my lovely (sometimes ferocious) dog Bonnie for company in the dark. Here she is with little bro Pete. Aw

Mum got us a new phone with pushy buttons and letters on it so I'll type in a report of this event. Someday maybe someone will find it.

I'm fascinated by this nervous little girl, just a bit older than me, who has been unofficially breaking world records in distance running.

Unofficial though because she's from South Africa who are banned from international competition due to apartheid.

Zola wasn't responsible for politics there though and thanks to a British grandad and the Daily Mail all of a sudden she's a Brit! Simple.

She's become a target for anti-apartheid campaigners but has qualified for the Olympic 3000 metres final. She will, as always, run barefoot.

Up against her hero and America's sweetheart Mary Decker. The press have hyped up a rivalry between them but there are other great runners..

Romanian Maricica Puică and Brit Wendy Sly amongst them.