#100MomentsIn100Days: Denise Lewis' Heptathlon Gold



Hi there, it's the 23rd of September. It's Wednesday. It's Day One of the Women's Heptathlon.

Going for Great Britain is Denise Lewis. She has some strong opposition though the World Champion Eunice Barber.

Let's not forget the 1996 Olympic Champion from Syria Ghada Shouaa Also the Eastern Europeans Prokhorova and Sazonovich cannot be ruled out

The ladies are at the starting blocks for the first discipline the 100m hurdles Let's get over there now!

It's Barber and Lewis in this first heat...and Barber has gone out fast. She's ahead of the Britain...

Barber keeping herself in front of Lewis and she crosses the line first in 12.97 seconds. Lewis's time a respectable 13.23

The Olympic Champion Shouaa goes in our 2nd heat. On your marks. Get set. Go... But hang on Shouaa has not gone and has pulled up.

The champion is clutching her leg and it's not looking good for the Syrian. I wouldn't be surprised if that is the end of her Olympics.

So let's look at the top 3 after the 1st event Barber 1129 pts Lewis 1090 pts Burrell 1080 pts

Welcome back. It's now time for the 2nd event on Day One. The High Jump. A strong event for Lewis. Can she keep the pressure up on Barber