It's the Summer Blockbuster of the...err...summer. Are you afraid? You should be. It's GHOSTBUSTERS.....

As you are probably all aware by now, this 'reboot' (which is code for unoriginal rip off to make BARE CASH) has an all-Female lead cast.

Melissa McCarthy, seen here watching her career disappear over the horizon, is the 'female' Bill Murray. Splendid.

Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones also star. The 'Doofus', the 'Brainiac' and the 'Politically Correct One'. Which is which?

This trailer starts with flashing lights and a statement: "It will haunt you every night". Is that the film reviewer who saw it?

We then see loads of 'ghosts' which appear to be smokey and blue. Pffft, that's just a nightclub in the 80's.

The trailer then outlines who they are and what they do. I dunno why as they're EXACTLY WHAT THE ORIGINAL ONES WERE AND WE ALL KNOW THEM.

Make no mistake, this isn't a 'sequel'. This is a retelling of the same story with newer 'effects' and worse 'jokes'. *Sigh*

Amazingly with four women leading the show, it's not long before we see the 'eye candy'. Yep, THOR IS IN DA HOUSE. *swoon*

Chris Hemsworth seems to be the pretty dumb character. Wait, I meant pretty but dumb. So pretty...and I'm married. TO A WOMAN.