We're treated to a cracking scene when a hideous female ghost spews 'slime' on someone. Like Cat Deeley hungover on SMTV Live. Retro.

The basic premise is revealed: Bad Guy makes Bad Ghosts Badder. How bad. Terrible.

Thor, sorry, Chris drops a 'funny' saying 'We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat'. I know someone who doesn't think that's funny...

Pretty Dumb Chris is 'infected' and becomes a 'ghost'. Demi Moore just fainted. Anyone got a pottery wheel? She'll unchain his melody.

We find out that the world is going to end and only the 'Ghostbusters' can save us all. We see GIANT GHOSTS, Skyscrapers etc etc etc

If you're going to 'remake' a classic 30 years on, surely it should LOOK better? The kit/car/guns/city are all THE SAME. Feck sake.

JULY 15 Mark the date. JULY 15. That's when you should all be busy and NOT GOING TO WATCH THIS ABOMINATION.

Final Word: Dear Hollywood, Stop it. Just Stop It. Regards, The Whole World.