10 Replacements For Daniel Craig As James Bond



We're saddened to hear the passing of Daniel Craig as James Bond. RIP Daniel. RIP buddy.

But, as with any franchise, we move on. So here at ByTheMin we've got 10 suggestions for people to replace Daniel. It's 00-heaven.

New Bond no.1: Tom Hiddleston The bookies favourite. The ladies (and some males) favourite. Can't see the appeal...

New Bond no.2: Ross Kemp Tough (tick) Rough (tick) Insatiable (maybe...)

New Bond no.3: Jose Mourinho He's out of work so would love the gig. Although Bond villain may suit him better...

New Bond no.4: Gary Tank Commander Is he tough? Aye! Does he have sex appeal? Aye! How does he eat Cheesy Pasta? Shaken. And stirred.

New Bond no.5: The Queen Has the experience and knowledge of working alongside Bond. The natural replacement.

New Bond no.6: Danny Dyer You want a fuckin' mug as Bond? I'll give ya a fuckin' mug. YOU SLAG!!!

New Bond no.7: Alex Salmond The best Bond was Scottish. So why not go back to the past with Shalmond.

New Bond no.8: Boris Johnson Loves a fight in Europe. A hit with the ladies. And that hair. Oh yes.