10 Replacements For Daniel Craig As James Bond



Let us know which of those ten you'd like to see...or suggest any others. Just leave us a comment below. Ta ta x

New Bond no.10: David Attenborough "The Hungarian gangster is a wild beast. His weapon, long. Sharp. Adventurous" We have a winner.

New Bond no.9: David Beckham He's always wanted a film role. Might have to make it a silent movie though so he remembers his lines...

New Bond no.8: Boris Johnson Loves a fight in Europe. A hit with the ladies. And that hair. Oh yes.

New Bond no.7: Alex Salmond The best Bond was Scottish. So why not go back to the past with Shalmond.

New Bond no.6: Danny Dyer You want a fuckin' mug as Bond? I'll give ya a fuckin' mug. YOU SLAG!!!

New Bond no.5: The Queen Has the experience and knowledge of working alongside Bond. The natural replacement.

New Bond no.4: Gary Tank Commander Is he tough? Aye! Does he have sex appeal? Aye! How does he eat Cheesy Pasta? Shaken. And stirred.

New Bond no.3: Jose Mourinho He's out of work so would love the gig. Although Bond villain may suit him better...

New Bond no.2: Ross Kemp Tough (tick) Rough (tick) Insatiable (maybe...)