Michael van Gerwen

Phil Taylor



Evening again - it's nearly time for the Premier League final! @Ugster1 with you.

Semis took place earlier this evening - catch up with them at http://bytheminsport.com/types/darts.

In short, van Gerwen beat Lewis fairly easily, Taylor had a bit more of a struggle to overcome Anderson.

So the two favourites have made the final, bookies clear as regards who they see as the more likely:

There does seem to be a lot of nerves about in the O2, Taylor and Anderson looked particularly affected.

van Gerwen looked more comfortable, Taylor will need to raise his game to compete - although earlier I did pick him for the win...

Slight scoring change in the final - first to 11 legs, rather than 10.

Mark Dannell

11-4 van Gerwen i reckon

Matt (@Ugster1)

A prediction, excellent. I suppose I should stick with Taylor, but given the way the semis have gone, 11-6 MVG for me.

We're not quite ready for the final yet, it seems, but think it'll be underway in the next few minutes.

MVG has had a nice long break between matches, around 20 minutes for Taylor - I was a little surprised he gave an interview.

Here we go then, and they're making Phil come on stage first too - poor man's barely had time to sit down!