Michael van Gerwen

Phil Taylor



Straight into the presentations - £100,000 for Phil, that's not too shabby.

It's £200,000 for MVG, and the trophy:

That's the second Premier League trophy for van Gerwen, he only lost one game in the competition.

Statistical oddity - van Gerwen has won fewer world titles than the other three players involved this evening...

...he's obviously a great player, but needs to add a few more world titles to be considered a great.

But it's a bit picky to raise that now - dominated this competition, well deserved winner.

As for Phil - rumours of retirement keep popping up, but on this evidence that won't be happening any time soon.

So congratulations to Michael van Gerwen, great victory and great performance.

That brings the 2016 Premier League to an end, there's been some high quality darts, hope you enjoyed it.

Time to wrap it up - enjoy the rest of your week, @Ugster1 signing off!