Star Trek Beyond



Star Trek Beyond Trailer 1; Slipped by us at the end of last yr start of this yr! More Marvel than Trekkie it had hardened fans asking wtf

My father a Captain Kirk fan [the original] '66 to '69 I grew up on the back of those corny ground-breaking episode of now iconic status

For me Star Trek The Next Generation was always going to be my compass in life '87 to '94. Space was no longer a Final Frontier but tangible

Deanna Troi and William Riker - the love story of generations..... And a uniform that left men quivering

Star Trek Beyond - the sequel to 2013's Into Darkness - It is the 13th Movie in the Franchise [yes there has been that many]!

It is the third in the Reboot Series which started in 2009 w/ the aptly named Star Trek - That film was a reboot to the existing franchise.

OK so we are watching an alternate reality thks to time travel to show an altered timeline; ie. younger versions of the original series cast

Hence, Kirk, Scotty, et al are alive and as corny as ever So this as well as the many other times hasn't happened - yet! Are ye with me?

Star Trek Into Darkness has to have a mention bcause of this man - his talents endless; Bringing a whole new cult following to the franchise

Back to Trailer 2 - A piano key is struck - The Enterprise NCC-1701 swoops in across the screen. The recognizable tweet of a communicator