Star Trek Beyond



Star Trek Beyond - Trailer #2

Kirk would have really done it?? This looks to be the Space Movie of the Summer

If you want to hang onto your seat, duck as The Enterprise plummets to towards planets, enjoy the odd double entendre asking is that how

All to bring us this rip-roaring, warp speed, set phasers to kill, corn-balling romp through space... If you want War and Peace - don't go

With returning cast of; Simon Pegg, Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto to name a few, we have Idris Elba joining as the villain

And the Enterprise shooting off into the stars! - But I saw it blow up a minute ago!

The trailer closes with a pretty little Romulan taking Kirks seat, Scotty cracking a one-liner, Spock doing a bit of smell the fart acting!

Ohh sorry - wrong strand of the franchise there :)

"Hold onto something" Yells Sulu

Unity is not your strength, it is your weakness growls the alien... Oh now Mr. Alien, do you not know how this goes?