Rugby U


14min: Thomas binds on arm, has head below hips and Tigers earn penalty. Bell drills ball confidently through the middle 3-5.

15min: Eastmond kicks long to Bell who takes the mark. Bell clears lines after regrouping. Bath lineout Tigers' side of halfway 3-5

16min: Bath building steady pressure and just getting over gainline. Bath lose it foward.

16min: Ford manages to wriggle free of Veainu. Clears to other side of 22. 3-5

18min: Bath desperate to break out of their half. Ford sends high kick and Rokoduguni claims. Ball chipped through for Tigers lineout 3-5.

19min: Youngs throws to middle but ball is bobbled. Youngs boxes to around 22. Bath lineout 3-5.

20min: Lazy runners causing Tigers problems but defence stands strong. 3-5.

21: Tigers scrum shoved over impressively by Bath then Tigers steal back. Tigers knock on just over inside their 10. 3-5

Scrum is reset. Difficult conditions with players setting low.

23: Tigers drive over the scrum and win ball. Catchpole knocks on in the wide channel under pressure. Bath scrum 3-5.