Rugby U


As a back, scrums both baffle and fascinate me in equal measure.

25: Tigers penalised for hinging. Ford kicks to the corner for a Bath lineout 3-5.

26: Sloppy lineout again, Matawalu knocks on for a Tigers scrum. It's scrum heavy, and they are not looking good 3-5.

27: Tigers win penalty due to Bath collapse. Bell clears to just over halfway for Tigers lineout.

28: Mike Williams makes a huge break with Lauchy McCaffrey trying to get the ball wide but lost forward because of the wind 3-5.

29min: Bath scrum goes down before the ball is put in. Ayerza registering his complaints to no avail.

You'll never guess what? Scrum is reset yet again for both front rows popping up. Thomas looks troubled against Ayerza.

31min: Tigers put huge pressure on scrum, which goes down. Doyle gave penalty to Tigers then oddly reversed it. Ford doesn't make touch.

33: Bath continually making ground through their forwards despite the big hits from Tigers.

33min: Veainu grabs a huge interception and as always, rips up the outside for a huge try! 8-5.