Rugby U


45min: Bell kicks low which gives Banahan chance to power up. Ford clears to Catchpole who brings ball up to halfway.

46: Matawalu makes huge tackle, steals ball and spins wide. Forwards are only options and they knock on. Tigers scrum in their own half 11-8

Tigers given penalty on half way for illegal rip by Matawalu. Bell kicks to corner.

47min: Youngs throws to front and Youngs passes short to forwards. McCaffrey makes good ground. Tigers still strong 11-8.

47min: Huston pinches the ball and Bath are in the Tigers half and win a lineout 11-8.

48min: Sam Harrison on for Youngs who has shown good tempo.

50min: Ellis dropped unceremoniously by his own men. Ayerza tries to go over the successive ruck and is penalised. Ford notches kick 11-11.

50min: Bell kicks ball straight out into the wind again for, you've guessed it, another scrum 11-11.

51min: Bath scrum is strong and wins penalty on halfway. Ford goes for corner with the wind and makes great gain 11-11.

53min: Batty the Viking throws to middle with Bath leading a huge maul. Slater in the bin for collapsing 11-11. Ford into corner.