Rugby U


54min: Tigers maul defence strong but ball goes wide. Bath knock on just in front of Tigers sticks. Big pressure on this scrum 11-11.

Matawalu off - Looks completely wiped with Cook in as replacement. Reliability over flare?

55min: Tigers scrum shoved, Louw loses ball forward scrabbling on the floor. Another scrum for Tigers 11-11.

56min: Matt Smith in for the Tigers scrum again. Ball in, out and Veainu breaks.

57min: Bell clears to just under halfway. Looked touched in flight, but wind is just that strong.

57min: Croft on for McCaffrey who has put in some great work today 11-11.

57min: Horrible lineout for Bath who knock on. Tigers forwards grind out some yards. Harrison boxes to Agulla who breaks clearly.

58min: Turnover after turnover after the props are showing all the skills (besides scrummaging). Tigers in off feet at ruck. Ford to touch

60min: Bath lineout solid but ball carrier runs into peeled man for offside. Bell clears to just under halfway. 11-11.

61min: Watson looks like he may be in, bobbles the ball forward. Thomas off for Lahiff. Tigers scrum 11-11.