#100MomentsIn100Days: Kelly Holmes' Athens Double



Hello one and all, @GoonerMV here. This is the Women's 1500m final, live (ish) from Athens. The year is 2004. Obviously.

Kelly Holmes won the 800m a few days ago, a magnificent charge on the final lap bringing it home. She's going for a historic double.

We're not biased.... BUT COME ON KELLY!!! Yevdokimova, Yegorova, and Tomashova... the Russia trio... will be her main threats today.

Kelly looking to become Britain's first double gold medalist at the same games since 1920, and only the 3rd to do the 800m/1500m double.

HERE WE GO!! They're off. Kelly immediately takes up a position at the back of the field. Yevdokimova setting the pace early on.

The three Russians, and Abeylegesse (of Turkey, for those not so up to date with 2004 1500m Athletics), setting off a rapid pace...

63 seconds for the first lap, very decent pace. Kelly Holmes second from last, just where she likes to be.

Yevdokimova starting to build a lead here.... Kelly a fair way back. Leaving it late could be a very risky strategy.

2 laps to go... KELLY MOVES TO THE OUTSIDE!! She's starting to move now! Still way back though. Yevdokimova absolutely flying....

THERE'S THE BELL.... 400M TO GO!! Kelly Holmes is in 8th, the Russians still leading the way. She's left herself too much to do....