WWE Extreme Rules



Good gawd damn evening, wrestling fans.

This is David (@blahway) and I'll be taking you through WWE Extreme Rules tonight.

The pre-show is just about to get started. But let's talk about the big one...

AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns in an Extreme Rules match is the main event tonight, with the winner walking away WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Little bit of news to inform you of. Cody Runnels (aka Cody Rhodes aka Stardust) has asked for and been granted his release.

He released a statement afterwards lambasting the Raw and Smackdown head writers. Eep.

Extreme Rules emanates from New Jersey tonight. Renee, King, Booker and Corey Graves are on the kick-off panel.

Renee is wearing an, shall we say, interesting top this evening.

Rusev is going to be in the Social Media Lounge with Tom Phillips a little later.

They're having a little chat about the upcoming Asylum match. Can't wait to see that mop & bucket used.