Andrea Petkovic
6 6

Laura Robson
2 2



Goooooooooooood evening. @GoonerMV here for Robson vs Petkovic. In case you're wondering..... COME ON LAURA!!

First game up here, I'll be honest, I'm a few points late. Robson serving first... and she's facing a break point!!

But it's saved. And after that hectic start, WE'RE LIVE! Two big first serves, and it's a hold for Robson. 1-0.

Oooh, slight opportunity here. 15-30. Petkovic responds with an ace out wide. I'll keep quiet.

BREAK POINT ROBSON! Double fault Petkovic, and the chance is here. And the chance is gone. Forehand from Petkovic too good. Deuce.

Love that from Robson. Jumps into the second serve and hammers it past Petkovic. Second serve ace though, and Petkovic holds. 1-1.

Neither able to dominate on their serve yet. 0-30, and a chance for Petkovic now. Make that 0-40. And three chances.

And Petkovic gets the break. Robson saved one, but a wild forehand gives it away. Not the start she was looking for.

Robson playing so aggressively, and it gets her to 15-30. Petkovic raises the aggression stakes... 30-30.

WHAT A RALLY! Robson looked to be in control, but a big Petkovic forehand is too good for Robson. Ace.... hold. 3-1.