Andrea Petkovic
6 6

Laura Robson
2 2



Will Petkovic show some nerves... nope. Ace - 15-0. Robson returns another good serve long, 30-0. Two points away....

Good from Robson to work Petkovic around the court, who nets. 30-15. Robson returns the favour, nets herself. TWO SET POINTS.

And that'll do it. Petkovic wins the first set 6-2. Robson showing she's not fully match fit, more errors than normal from her.

So set 2. The final set of the match? Here's hoping not! Petkovic takes Robson to deuce in game one though...a worry.

Robson's serve hasn't been too bad in this game. Sets up a game point. AND TAKES IT! Vital hold.

Not quite sure what happened there...Petkovic thinks the ball went long. It didn't. 0-30 on her serve. A chance for Robson...

OH LAURA!!!! Sets herself up superbly...thumping forehand effort goes long at the vital moment. GRRRRRR. Should be 15-40. It's 30-30.

But a great response! Sets up a BP now. Come on Laura. TAKE IT!

She doesn't. Boo. We're at deuce. But not for long. Smashing backhand sets up BP numero 2.

Which is, once again, saved after a cracking first serve from Petkovic. She's relentless.