Andrea Petkovic
6 6

Laura Robson
2 2



SCENES! Laura Robson breaks back. Out of nothing really. Probably undeserved too. Who cares?! 2-2 set 2.

Anything you can do, she can do better. Robson goes 0-40 down...and is broken next point. Sighs.

No service holds in the past 3 games...that may change in this one...Petkovic into a 30-0 lead...

Petkovic does indeed hold to 30. She leads 4-2. And, barring a miracle, will be through to round 2 by 6pm.

Laura, Laura, Laura. Does so well to set up the winner...then the overhead goes miles long. AARRRGGGHHHH!!! 15-15.

Petkovic plays a worldie of a crosscourt forehand. 30-30. A break here is as good as match over.

So more wonky forehand play from Robson takes the game to deuce. If she fixed that, she could be great.

However, I feel she'll only ever be an ok player. Poor drop shot hands Petkovic BP.

Forehand AGAIN goes wrong. Petkovic breaks. Leads 5-2. Serves for the match next.

ROBSON FOREHAND WINNER! HONEST! 0-15...she couldn't...could she?