Steph here with tonight's showstopper event, the Olympic Final of the men's 4 X 400m relay. It's August 10th 2012, obviously.

The favourites are the USA team who took gold in 2008 in Beijing. However, LaShawn Merritt was injured in the individual 400m a few days ago

Qualification for tonight's final was incident packed too. USA lead leg Manteo Mitchell heard his own leg break as he ran but continued...

And the team qualified 2nd behind the Bahamas. Russia and Venezuela took the other 2 quali slots from that heat.

Yet more controversy from heat 1 as an incident at 2nd changeover left a South African athlete on the deck with a dislocated shoulder.

Following a protest Kenya were deemed responsible and were disqualified. South Africa were advanced to the final.

To the delight of the home crowd Team GB also managed not to drop the baton for once and qualified behind Trinidad and Tobago.

So unusually all 9 lanes are in use tonight and we have the pleasure of seeing 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius on the anchor leg for SA.

A new character limit coincides with the expanded field which is handy for me! Lane 1 South Africa 2 Russian Federation 3 Venezuela 4 Trinidad and Tobago 5 Great Britain 6 Bahamas 7 United States 8 Belgium 9 Cuba

Huge cheer for the GB boys. Conrad Williams leads off with Jack Green on the 2nd leg, hurdle failure Dai Greene third and Martyn Rooney anchor. Lane 5 is great for them.