Dear Mike Ashley



Dear Mike Ashley, Thanks for appointing Rafa Benitez for the next three years. Seriously. I mean it. You've given us fans some hope amid the mire of relegation. However, as we've learned over the years, you often take one step forward then get a taxi 4 miles in the opposite direction.

So Mike, instead of letting Lee Charnley get on with things (I'm still convinced he eats dessert first in a three course meal...) I'm letting you know some other things you could do to keep this positivity going that wee while longer. Along with the help of some friends/acquaintances from the world of Twitter. You ready Mike? Let's begin.

#1: Get rid of the preferred media partner. I still can't really work out why you did this. I mean, financially it wouldn't be that valuable. And there weren't too many stories that came true from the Mirror (remember Charlie Austin?) So scrap it. And give the likes of Mark Douglas and George Caulkin greater access to the club. They know how to put pen to paper in truly eloquent terms.

#2: Involve fans in media commitments Whilst you're at it with the media, allow fans to get involved too. When Celtic appointed Brendan Rodgers, a handful of fans sat in on the presser. Then asked him a series of questions on a podcast. So get Taylor and Besty/Gallowgate Shots etc involved. They'll ask the questions us fans really want to know. Even if they involved food. And Rachel Riley.

#3: Scrap the charge for NUFC TV Instead of asking fans to pay £4 a month, incorporate it into the membership scheme. It's already £35 for the membership anyways. Doing this would make it far more appealing. There is some good content on it. The Magpies 24/7 segment last summer was excellent. Give members access for 48 hours, then put the rest of the content out free. Everyone's a winner!

#4: Hold open training sessions like in the Keegan era Doing this would break down the troublesome "players-fans bond". It'd be madness to do every day, but once a week/month, players can show off their hard work and fans can get a glimpse of their heroes. Lord knows this club needs to do something to persuade a generation of youngsters to engage with their football side once more.

#5: Improve training ground This is something Mr Charnley promised would be delivered by the start of 2016. It is one of a number of things he has failed to deliver. The plans are in place. Let's complete the job. With Rafa in charge, we'll never have a better manager to make the most out of these new surroundings.

#6 Remove most of the Sports Direct adverts from SJP. We know why you put these up Mike. However, there's self promoting and then there's taking the piss. You don't need to get rid of them all. But to have 150+ is both a) massively egotistical and b) commercially suicidal. It would be less of an eyesore to the loyal 50,000 every week too.

#7: Re-open the singing corner This was something you introduced Mike to great effect. Lots of people loved it. Then guess what? You got rid of it and it upset people. So why not bring it back? A noisy SJP = a better atmosphere for the players to play in. Look at the 5-1 against Spurs. Singing helps. Let's bring back the noise to St James' Park.

#8: Consider a safe standing section Granted this might take a while. However, clubs in Germany have done it for years. Celtic are introducing it this season. Why not start a trend and invite some Safe Standing campaigners to the club to discuss the proposal. The singing corner could eventually become where this goes. Think of the atmosphere it would generate.