Sydney Swans

North Melbourne



Welcome ladies and gentleman to tonights coverage of Sydney verse North Melbourne. We're just about set here on a beautiful night at the SCG.

Tonight's match of the round pits two sides at the pointy end of the table. North are on top of the world (and the ladder). Their best start in a very long time. The Swans are the evergreen of the top 8. They will be no push over at home.

Q1 bounce!

Q1 17:51 We have our first goal! The old campaigner McVeigh gets us started with a great piercing run inside 50. He converts from 50.

Q1 17:06 Lindsay Thomas gets the Roos first. Earns a too high free 20 metres out directly in front. He converts. North answer.

Q1 15:11 Lots of pressure around the ball here. North playing with Scott Thompson spare behind the ball. Dewy conditions already leading to lots of congestion. Not a night for the faint of heart.

Q1 14:10 Sydney get an opportunity from said congestion. JPK gets a shot from 40 on a slight angle. Dobs it through all class.

His kind of night Josh Kennedy, expect him to have a big influence tonight.

Q1 11:34 Early doors but Goldstein has already been dominant in the ruck. Proving why he is the best in the Comp.

Q1 10:05 Hewett draws an intelligent free. Drops his body weight and lowers his centre of gravity. Nothing big Jamie Macmillan can do other than tackle him high. He converts his kick from about 30.