NFL: RedZone



PAT is good. Eifert's 12th TD of the year. 17-7 Bengals. Martin runs it for a 1st down into Colts territory on 1st and 20

3rd and 4 Bucs on Colts 25. Complete for a 1st down. Bills in RZ

Bills out of the RZ after a penalty. 2nd and 20. TD BILLS - Taylor to Watkins.

Matt Ryan throws an INT in Vikings half. 7-3 Vikings. Redskins on the move again. Just outside RZ. 10-0 Redskins

1st and G Redskins after Reed makes a catch. Raiders also inside the 10 v Titans. Bucs and Chargers also in RZ.

TD BUCS - Winston to Brate. 12-6 Bucs PAT to come

Raiders are 3rd and G - Carr scramble for a yard. FG attempt to come

Raiders FG is good. 10-6 Raiders.

Redskins also 3rd and G from the 3. TD REDSKINS AND CHARGERS. Crowder and Gates with the catches. 17-0 Was and 14-9 Chargers

Redskins TD called back - receiver's knee down before line. Going for it on 4th down. TD CHIEFS - Smith to Maclin. 16-14 Bills