#100MomentsIn100Days: 10,000m Final 2000



GOOD EVENING RUNNING FANS! I have a treat for you tonight. It's 10,000m final time. Haile Gebrselassie vs Paul Tergat. Head to head. For Olympic gold. EEK!!

As you'll be aware, the field for the final is a high class one. Here's how the heats went...pretty cool these website images. Wikipedia I think it's called. Pretty small site just now. Can see it growing though...

And heat two of the semi went a wee bit something like this...

But tonight, it's all eyes on Tergat and Gebrselassie. They're at the start line now with a heap of others...25 laps and then we'll know who's going to be the Olympic champion. You ready? They are...BANG!!!

Now 10,000m is a LONG way to run for anyone...it's also a long way for me to write about so...I'm going to fast forward time and see you towards the end, OK? Don't know why I'm asking you...it's happening...

We're 22 minutes into the race and it's turned into Kenya vs Ethiopia. Gebrselassie, Tergat, Ivuti, Korir and Mezgubu. And who'll win? Not a scooby.

David Coleman in the BBC box. What a voice he has. Could do without having 10 pints before he goes on air though. The crowd really getting themselves whipped up into a frenzy too. They know this could be a special finish.

Gebrselassie at the front 4 laps from home. The Moroccan Berioui has joined the leading 5 too. So a 6 way tussle for gold. Not bad at all.

Just three laps to go...the Moroccan is slipping out of this now. Tergat out to third. He and Gebrselassie look in the best position to win. But the others are not dropping off. Yet.

We're at the 25 minute mark. Tergat still just behind Haile. Can he make a move in 2 and a half more laps? It'd be a stunning win if so.