Scottish League Cup Draw



Howdy folks! It seems like literally no time since the 2015/16 season finished and we're already getting the 2016/17 one underway! I'm Roddy Graham and this is the group stage draw for the Betfred Scottish League Cup. Quite a mouthful.

Yes, the League Cup has had a rather major change in format. Plus it's moved channels over to BT Sport - and they are broadcasting the draw tonight. Let's hope these dunces are in charge...

The format for the group stage is fairly simple. So long as you pay attention... - 8 groups of 5 teams (North/South split) - Every SPFL team (bar Euro qualifiers) + East Stirlingshire and Cove Rangers - Each group has a top seeded team, a 2nd seeded team + 3 unseeded teams - Matches on 16, 20, 23, 27 and 30 July.

So, these seeds? Who exactly are they? Well...listen up and I'll tell you!

Then there's the 2nd seeds too...

And if your team hasn't yet been listen...tough. You're unseeded. GET OVER IT!!

So BT Sport have started their coverage. Four-year deal they've got. Neil Doncaster is in the studio. I bet he's had a right quiet week...

They are currently going through everything that I said're missing NOTHING!

Christ...straight into in... Northern Section Dundee - group A St Johnstone - group B Inverness - group C Ross County - group D

Next is the top seeds from the southern side of the draw...don't's taking AGES to draw!