Ricky Burns



HIYA! It's boxing, Glesga style. I'm Roddy Graham and I'm really hoping that this guy can win a third world title at a different weight. MON THE RICKY!!!!!

Fight time was due to be around 10pm...somehow think it'll be closer to 10.30pm as Wullie Limond is currently in round 4 of his bout. Nobody cares about that though...

Nah, tonight is all about the Rickster. Can he become the first Scot to hold world titles at 3 different weights? I for one wrote him off a couple of years ago. He seems to have turned things around though. Tonight could be the crowning glory he's craved for. And at the Hydro. Man, what a night this could be.

I covered Ricky for this ByTheMinute nonsense when he lost to Dejan Zlaticanin in 2014 and I genuinely thought that would be him done. He was a shambles that night. Hopefully I won't be his unlucky charm tonight...

I'll admit I don't know too much about Michele di Rocco, other than he's only lost once in his career (way back in 2007!) and is on a 23 fight unbeaten run. Sounds good, eh! However, the bookies have Ricky at 2/5 to win tonight. And they are rarely wrong in boxing.

Good on Eddie Hearn delaying the start of this fight so we all get to watch the borefest...I mean DELIGHT that is the Champions League final, eh. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ahh....Wullie Limond has just lost his fight. That's a shame. But it does mean that RICKY is up next.

Michele Di Rocco in his dressing room. He looks pumped up. Throws a good punch too by the looks of it. That pad is taking a right old doing.

So there's 8 minutes left in the Champions League final...if it goes to penalties, that'll take it to around 10.40pm. Expect Sky to pad right until the final kick is taken.

Nice touching moment between Limond and Nurse in their post-fight interview. Might not be the only time Limond is that close to a nurse tonight either. His face looks a right mess.