What We Learned From Jeremy Corbyn's Vice News Doc



As you may have seen this morning, those rather cool guys at VICE News released an eagerly anticipated (by some!) documentary about Jeremy Corbyn. They spent the best part of 8 weeks with him. This was cut down to 30 minutes. Watch it below if you'd like.

Having watched it, there were a few key points that were brought home. Some things that we already knew. Some things that were maybe a tad surprising. Here's just some of the things we learned from watching...

Corbyn Likes Seasonal Food Although the VICE News reporter thought he had sandwiches in his bag, it was in fact Hot Cross Buns. "Easter" cried Jeremy, as if suggesting to the film maker what else would he be carrying at that time of the year.

Corbyn DOES NOT Like A Lot Of The Media "One thing I have learned over the past 6 months or so is how shallow, facile and ill-informed many of the supposedly informed major commentator are in our media." At least we know he's not talking about us. "Informed" isn't in our nature.

Corbyn And Jonathan Freedland Would Be Great On Come Dine With Me “The only big negative today is Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian. … It’s ‘Labour has a problem with anti-Semitism under Corbyn’. Utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness, the whole lot of it. He’s not a good guy at all but he seems kind of obsessed with me, you know.” Please make it happen Channel 4!

Corbyn Supporters Adore Him This lady being just one example. She almost worships him. She even wants to add an extra name onto his and call him "Integrity Jeremy Corbyn". Hmmmmm....

Corbyn Needs To Do More Housework Mrs C made an appearance in the film. Although she was quite positive about his political work, she did say he needs to do more around the house. “He’s not very good at housework but he’s a good politician.” Somewhere a Jeremy Corbyn Is Anti-Hoovering campaign is being made at Tory HQ.

Corbyn's Team Want Him To Dress Better Meet Gavin, Jeremy's event's coordinator. He seems like a nice guy. His one wish for JC is that he dresses a bit smarter, though. I just can't imagine Corbyn is a suit and tie everyday. Please don't change him that much Gavin.

Corbyn LOVES Getting His Photo Taken A 30 minute documentary...and about 25% of it is JC getting photos taken with his "fans". If selfies counted as votes, Corbyn would win the next election by a landslide.

Corbyn Memorabilia Is Weird OK, I get a signed photo. But a signed tile? Really??! I mean where would you put it? In the bathroom? On a table? In a box, in the attic. That's where. Oh...and he even mentions signing APPLES too. Honest.