Andy Murray
5 7 6 6

Richard Gasquet
7 6 0 2



Good afternoon, everyone! Don't faint, but it really is the long awaited Quarter Final between Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet! Don't know about you - but I can't wait to get underway!

Obviously when I say Gasquet, what I really mean is Andy Murray vs the whole of France. Well, those who can be arsed to show up, anyway. The French aren't really known for showing up in person, after all.

Just while the guys are warming up, the hot news off the press is that Rafa has withdrawn from Queens. News, maybe. Surprise, definitely not.

To set the scene.... it's a pretty grey day (but we'll take grey and dry, won't we?!). Le Tour Eiffel is only just visible in the mist. Jake Garner is in the chair. He's pretty much the only person who is! Philippe Chatrier is maybe about 30% full just now.

Both players in white tops and dark shorts. The only thing separating them is Murrays cap and Gasquets red and blue sleeves. Very patriotic. The warm up is complete so Richard is applying a new grip. Obvs.

Andy serving first. PLAY!

Murray takes Gasquet out wide with the first serve - return finds the net. First point to Andy! 15-0

All level as Gasquet makes a magnificent get on a pretty deft drop shot.

Great rally - some real cross court beauties from both players. Richard chances a drop shot but it finds the net. 30-15

Second serve out to the BH - Richard can't do anything with it. 40-15